Sho Madjozi Claps Back At Bonnie Mbuli

If you’re going to come for online, be rest assured that she will definitely hit back at you. It is not a coincidence that she is the girl everyone is talking about.

Media Personality and actress Bonnie Mbuli recently got a taste of this when she decided to take on the international award winning sensation.

After wrote an inspiring post concerning the ongoing xenophobic attacks and rape incidents in South Africa trying to inspire hope in the people, Bonnie Mbuli decided to butt in.

Bonnie Mbuli

While everyone else loved and appreciated the post, Bonnie wondered if it was actually written by the “Huku” star. Commenting on the post, she wrote,

What about the fact that these are not your words. It’s obvious when your mainstream faves are tweeting think threads on current issues written by their PR team”.

Surprised at the comment, replied,

I am confused, Bonnie. What do you mean?”

She continued,

You have to reflect on why you think a young African woman can’t write for herself. Don’t know if it’s internalised racism, sexism or what? I have a degree in African studies and creative writing, and also you don’t know me, so this is very weird”

After Sho Madjozi‘s reply, Mzansi was not impressed by Bonnie Mbuli‘s comments either. Madjozi‘s fans took the opportunity to drag her on twitter, some of them said they expected better from a 40 year old woman. Obviously not able to take the bullying, Bonnie deactivated her Twitter account.

Bonnie Mbuli has always debated people’s successes, once saying Pearl Thusi’s success is not built on her talent but her complexion.


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