Say what! The South African government added Nadia Nakai’s video to a YouTube playlist

The South African government’s official Twitter page sent the social media channel into a meltdown on Monday when it appeared its handler mistakenly added ‘s music video to a YouTube playlist.

Even though she is widely regarded as the Bragga Queen, whoever thought the SA government would be on a hunt for her sauce by looking to enjoy the heat off her most recent effort, Naa Mean,” which featured her label boss, .

The handler of the government’s Twitter account also seems to be a fan of Drake, Busiswa and as their songs were also added to the playlist.

Even though the Tweet was eventually deleted, it was enough to get a world of reaction from Tweeps including and herself.

“A whole government???? this is LIT!!!! Yazi #Ksazobalit in SA,” Mufasa Tweeted.

on her part wouldn’t pass at the chance of further promoting the music video for “Naa Mean,” which currently sits at 600k YouTube vies:

“Soooo you know you gotta watch and Add Naaa Meean to your playlist!!!!!!!‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️” she Tweeted.

Even though the mistake was discovered, rectified and the tweet eventually deleted, Twittersphere already got lit up with several memes to match the musical taste of the government.

Peep some of the Tweets below and share your thoughts.

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