Saudi, Skolopad, Nina Hastie, Others Weigh in on A-Reece’s Tweet About Artistes and Debt

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Rapper , who recently dropped “Less Friends More Bandz” in collaboration with his pals and affiliates at , got South Africa abuzz and most celebs and fans talking when he tweeted that the music industry was designed to keep artistes in debt.

It was actually a question he asked and it has garnered over four thousand likes and over a thousand comments. “Why’s the industry designed to keep the artist in debt ?” Tweeted the “Fuck You” mastermind.

That supposedly simple tweet provoked a debate instantly, with some artistes weighing in.

Nina Hastie Acknowledged the problem and even another, related: the inability of artistes to insure their voices. “Not only that – we are unable to insure our voices – our tool for our craft. No medical insurance insures voices in SA,” Nina tweeted.

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A-Reece – Sloppy

But Skolopad is of the view the fake life artistes choose to live, not the industry, is the problem she tweeted: “Fake life is the problem not the industry.

Drip” mastermoind , who, like , was once signed to , joined in the conversation, suggesting artistes unionize to protects their interests.

Cuz u hv ALL da power bt if we financially frustrate u we can control u. Lloyd Price (Look em up) told Don King he must b bigger dan da fighters in boxing (ju lyk da labels was bigger dan artists in da 60’s) in order 4 him 2 hv ALL da power & da💰. If we unionize t’s ovr 4 dem, tweeted.

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Anti-riq -True Fan (A-Reece Diss)

A-Reece must have been watching south Africa’s music scene keenly to have seen and made this observation, which some fans interpreted to mean the youngking is broke.

See some other observation on A-Reece’s tweet below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


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