Rouge reveals her battles with the bullies in high school

Fierce Femcee, might be the fearsome rapper that she is on the circuit today, but like many teenagers, she also had the ugly experience with bullies while in high school.

Going down memory lane with a throwback picture, took to social media platform, Twitter, to reveal some of the factors which contributed to her becoming a target for the bully army.

“Highschool . I was bullied quite a looot but I was known too cause the Wedi named excelled! I was the top female athlete at my school, I was a prefect, I sucked at math, Bad skin, I loved singing, I had a crush on a guy named marco, Basically the glow up is real now!” Rouge Tweeted.

Well, the ugly factors and events seems to be a thing of the past now as Rouge has gone on to attain the heights through her craft and artistry as well as by a dint of hard work.

Importantly, by speaking out, Rouge might just be giving a whole new belief to youngsters being bullied as well further raising awareness against the malaise.

Source: Rouge/Twitter

You definitely can also join the conversation by sharing your experience with bullying in the comments section below.


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