Riky Rick a Star by Mistake?

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is without a doubt one of South Africa’s rappers of the moment. But the muso, who was picked as a coach for The Voice South Africa last year, will readily tell you that he became a star by mistake.

But nature wouldn’t call it a mistake, as actually became a star by helping others and being able to rap, as she said, over his beats.

He made this admission in a recent chat with TshisaLIVE, saying for effect: “I have always wanted to help other people. That has always been my nature. You know, I became a star by mistake. It was by virtue of me being able to rap over my beats. That then became my thing.

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Riky Rick scores a self-branded deal with Vaseline
Source: Riky Rick/ Instagram

The rapper is forthright here. However, last year, he had to take a break to fulfill some family obligations. While some in the industry groaned at his leaving, he soon made his way back, releasing awesome numbers like “Can’t Believe it (Ma Coins).”

By the way, for Riky Rick, helping others continues as he launches #CottonFest, a music festival that will bring little known music talents on stage with the established ones. It is one festival many are looking forward to.


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  1. There’s no mistake it his blessing even if he ppl dnt see why he bcm a celeb bt god has a purpose for him to b dc famous.

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