Album “Sounds Of Joy” EP brings worship with a dose of happiness



The first of their project, “Sounds of Joy” can only make you happy with Thanksgiving.

Extended Play: Sounds Of Joy

Artiste: The Gospel Nation (TGN)

Record Label: The Gospel Nation (2016)

Duration: 18 Minutes


What happens when a collective of Gospel singers come together to create music which harnesses their individual strengths for a synergy that would be a body of work?

You get the “Sounds Of Joy” EP!

The Gospel Nation (TGN) is a non-denominational outreach group which comprises of a body of musicians who have teamed up to create content and platform for Gospel music, bringing musical talents together for the purpose of reaching out through Gospel music. “Sounds Of Joy” EP is the first of many projects to be released by The Gospel Nation. The Sounds of Joy EP brings a blend of African sound with western touch. This project features great musicians and artists.

The project kicks off with the mastery of and Chocolate City’s working in tandem to bring forth a Trap-fusion track ‘Akanchawa’, that opens up the project on a rather endearing, and engaging note. There’s brio, there’s vibe, and there’s trendy relativity on offer here. Immersion comes with percussion as a genre shift towards the guitars of Rock hit hard on ‘All The Glory”, a praise track magnifying God’s name for all of his wondrous mercies and compassion. “Fill me up” samples local Highlife, and fuses it with dash of wafting pop to bring a glitzy, light appreciative feel to the project.

There’s the masterful coming through for the second time with an inspired performance on the calming ‘La La La La’, before Frank Edwards adds a pop sheen with the thumping ‘Sing-N-Shout’.

By cutting across genres, The Gospel Nation has created music that packs the potential to caress lives and reach out to people, regardless of demography. The first of their project, “Sounds of Joy” can only make you happy with Thanksgiving.

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3-Worth Checking Out


4-Smoking Hot