ALBUM: Falz – Stories That Touch

GENRE: Contemporary Rap/ Hip-Hop & R n’ B/Afro-Hip-Hop
RELEASE DATE: 11/16/2015

We’ve gotten glimpses of the pure genius of or as you may know him, FalzTheBahdGuy, in short bursts as his career has progressed. From the Instagram skits, to some of his hit singles like “Marry Me”, to “Ello Bae”, which was the #1 trending topic for almost a month, if not longer. So, it was no surprise to find that Stories That Touch (STT) is not the typical album that doesn’t register a very good impression after the first few listens; it leaves a lasting impression, and for me, that happened after the first listen.

Soldier happens to be my favorite track on the album. Simi’s soothing voice and pretty much everything else on the damn song is hands down the single of the year. Damn!

I knew Chardonnay Music was going to be FIRE because Poe was featured on it. My edges were not ready for this one. This is that feel-good song you vibe to while sippin’ on some wine and eating suya. Fresh beat, fresh instrumentals.

Workaholic and My People are also worth mentioning. The afrobeat production was so smooth. One can take away the lyrics and you are still left with a well-orchestrated musical experience. I think Fela would be proud.

Soft Work will have you bursting you azonto and alkayida moves while trying to look professional at work, and failing by the way. It’s our work o! Soft work!

Time Difference is written to relate to situations the audience has experienced in the trials and tribulations of relationships. This song should be familiar to those that have had someone they loved living oceans apart. And you’re left thinking how you much you loved them but you’re also trying to figure out if it’s worth it.

Love You Pass featuring Bez, was everything and more. I mean, it’s Bez, so I didn’t expect anything less. This is the perfect love song.

Overall, Stories That Touch is down to earth and as real as it gets.

Now, as a critic, it’s almost a duty to point out not only the good, but also the bad. So, after fine tuning my critical ear, I listened to the STT album multiple times, and I can say that the album is nearly flawless. Perhaps the only low point is the fact that STT gives the critic and casual listener alike nothing to complain about.

STT has clearly shown that place in hip-hop isn’t just to be another face in a majorly-male-dominated industry. From start to finish it’s a solid hip-hop album that demonstrates that Falz will keep bringing something fresh to hip-hop.

To cut the story short, Falz is King. Kabiyesi on the Online. Long live the King. We are not worthy.

Is it worth buying? HELL YEA!

-By Ogunleye “OluwaSparkle” Yetunde


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