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Rage As A-Reece’s Performance Gets Cut Off At The #CottonFest22




The just-concluded CottonFest has been at the top of the trend list this week, with one of the highlights being the abrupt end of A-Reece’s performance at the show.

Netizens have come out n large numbers to protest the treatment of the Mzansi rap star, which they tagged as improper and unjust to the A-list rapper.

Asides from this, the mood was heavy with the tribute to the late by a few of his counterparts, to keep the of his legacy alive.

The rage in the A-Reece situation is the fact that most fans waited to the end to see that he performed only to be treated to his intro and the end of his short performance.

Although in light of this, the organizers of the show mentioned that the time was already initially extended and the artist has been warned that his set would be cut off if he extended his time slot.

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