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Proverb & Liesl Laurie No Longer An Item?



Finding love and sometimes losing that love is part of the game of life. Some move on quietly; others have a struggle moving on. But, break up or no, life must go on.

Yes, life must go on. This is exactly what is playing out at the moment in the lives of Liesl Laurie and .

Once a upon a time, the duo was completely hand in gloves with each others, almost everyone’s favourite couple. In fact Liesl Laurie had called her biggest supporter, saying to TshisaLIVE when she broke a rib while performing at the Dancing With the Stars competition:

Sometimes he’s shooting far from Joburg, like on location and if there’s no flight back he’ll rather drive back than miss the show. That is just the kind of guy he is. It’s really a blessing to have him in my life. When there are people in the crowd cheering, he’s always one of them.”

Source: Liesl Laurie/ Instagram

However, it seems  Liesl Laurie, a former beauty queen, is no longer an item with , the “Heaven” mastermind.

Fans of the duo have been speculating about this, as pictures of the duo together wee disappearing from social media. But it took some time for Liesl Laurie to confirm the split with Proverb who resigned months ago as CEO of Boyfriend Academy.

Source: Proverb/ Twitter

Liesl Laurie confirmed the split in the following words to Sunday Sun: “Yes, it’s true, but please don’t write this.”

Who wouldn’t write that?

In any case, life Goes on for Liesl Laurie and Proverb…

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