Prince Kaybee Wants Your Signature on his car

Club Controller” hitmaker , who recently penned a moving musical tribute to the late Jabulani “HHP” Tsambo, believes in requiting the love showered on him by his fans and have thought up an ingenious way to show that love: He is having his fans sign their names to his personal vehicle.

I have always tried to involve my fans in my life and, at the same time, move the support forward. That was when I thought they should sign something. T-shirts and CDs are overrated. So I put my car on the spot and see how this goes,” said , speaking to TshisaLIVE on the initiative.

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While this isn’t unique, it shows just how deeply Prince Kaybee esteems his fans. The car in question is a very expensive sedan, his personal car, which means that a year from now he might still be driving it. (One can name a hundred artiste who would not put their cars “on the line” by having fans sign them).

Source: Prince Kaybee/ Instagram

Prince Kaybee has also made it known that in case signature space should be filled, he would get another car so the signatures would continue.

Continuing, Prince Kaybee said: “It is like I am wearing my fan’s pride. I am showing off with all the love I have been getting. A year from now I will be driving it still because it is my personal car.

Source: Prince Kaybee/ Instagram

The reactions so far have been of rapture – utterly delight. The support has been overwhelming. This will certainly deepen Prince Kaybee’s relationship with his fans, and maybe inspire other stars to pursue a similar initiative.

Source: Prince Kaybee/ Instagram

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