Prince Kaybee Speaks on “Arrogant and Rude” Tag

If there is one stereotype celebrities have wrestled with for centuries, it is that they are arrogant and rude. “Banomoya” crooner is one celebrity who has wrestled with the “arrogant and rude” tag for some time.

But those who got to sit with the muso for some time realize he is just the other guy next door, level-headed and not at all rude and arrogant. The surprise on this realization is totally enlightening.

I am a straight forward person. People don’t understand that and they call it arrogance. People think that I am arrogant but I really am not. They also think I am rude because I don’t smile a lot. Most of the time when people sit with me they will be like ‘Hey! I really thought you were arrogant’ but they sit with me and get to see the real me. I’m not that bubbly person, I’m more focused,” offerd to TshisaLIVE.

Source: /Instagram

The muso made it clear, though, that he is not worried or stressed about what people think or say about him. He doesn’t fit their stereotypes. But he does listen to his fans, and their opinions are important to him.

So far his fans have overwhelmed him with love. And Prince Kaybee, who penned a tribute to HHP late last month, has been returning the love by letting his fans sign their names to his official car.

Source: Prince Kaybee/ Instagram
Source: Prince Kaybee/ Instagram

Seems like the way to go. Or what do you think? Share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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