Prince Kaybee Roasted For Beef With 19-Year-Old TNS

may have sued for peace with the young , following a beef they had recently on social media, but the Prince is still getting the heat from followers, who are rather disappointed that he could get so low.

In a recent trend list on Twitter, ’s name grabbed the top spot, after the record producer , displayed his identification details, which showed his year of birth, being born in 2000.

In a tweet, acknowledged he was grateful for his journey thus far and achieving the goals he always wanted to meet.

TNS may have been motivational in his post, but fans had a different stance, calling out for his past backlash towards the young producer.

At the inception of the month, the “Gugulethu” hitmaker was subjected to heavy fire, for his comments made about TNS in an exclusive interview with MacG on Podcast and Chill with MacG.

Kaybee went years back about meeting the now “made” producer, and hinted how broke he was. He further talked about how abject TNS was that he didn’t have underwears, and was showering with shampoo.

Many went into anger mode over his comments, and called him out for being so petty.

The industry heavyweight felt remorseful thereafter, and took to twitter to apologise for his actions. He noted that the interview took place when he had beef with TNS over money issues. Prince Kaybee said they have now ended their beef.

All may be well between Kabelo and TNS, fans are rather still in shock at how he took a beef with a 19-year-old.

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