Prince Kaybee In Cross Fire For Not Acknowledging Msaki

Social media feuds can start in many ways but no one really knows is if what caused them are intentional.

Heavyweight producer, learned this the hard way as he got caught in a crossfire for ‘innocently’ celebrating his recent win.

The Mzansi music man recently bagged the House Record of the Year award for his song “Fetch Your Life” at the South African Dance Music Awards.

The award show recognizes and honours DJs and House artists for their work as well as their contribution to the genre.

While accepting the award, the beat maker’s booking manager failed to mentioned (the singer who penned the song and whose vocals are on it).

Later on, when shared the video of the speech, he also did not mention the singer’s name, or correct the mishap in a tweet which he deleted later.

Enraged by it, fans took to social media to call the DJ and his team out while also seeking a response from the singer.

When a fan suggested giving the Gugulethu mastermind the benefit of the doubt, the singer replied saying she was cool with it but wondered if he forgot or ran out of characters with all that’s going on in the world.

In a bid to right his wrongs, the DJ revealed that the “we” in his post indicated that the singer was acknowledged for her contribution to the track. He apologized on behalf of his booking manager saying they all meant no harm.

An unimpressed still stressed that she didn’t mind about the manager’s forgetfulness but this prompted to end the back and forth by saying he always appreciates his artists.


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