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Press Release: Blaklez Pushes Back ‘Baby Brother’ Album Release Date




Many music fans who might have been looking forward to the highly-anticipated “Baby Brother” album of , will now have to wait some more. This is because the Rap Steve Biko has now pushed back on the release date from 24th November.

The rapper who shared a statement to announce the shift in date explained that the album is complete so fans do not need to worry.

He went even further to announce that the music is such at a high level that they decided to postpone its release to a slightly later date.

Of course, knowing what is capable of, we will have no choice but to wait some more for the project of musical art which promises to take over the circuit and our playlists.

Source: /Instagram

However, the great news is theCool Slaves hitmaker is set to release a single very soon.

Peep the statement of Blaklez and share your thoughts below.

“This statement may not go down too well with my fans but we have to go down this road for mine and their benefit. I know a lot of you are excited for the Baby Brother album and are waiting with baited breath for 24 November 2017. I can confirm that the album is complete and the great news is that it’s an incredible piece of work.
I, however, have to share slightly disappointing news. The music is at such a high level that we have decided to postpone it to a slightly later date. I had to ask myself an important question; do I simply want to release an album or do I want to ensure that it gets the weight it deserves? We are going to do this right. I decided to be patient with my features because they added so much value to our product. I know how big the anticipation is, but I’m afraid I can’t let myself be pressured into making a decision that will hurt all of us (you the fans included).
These are very exciting times for US as I feel WE have a new lease on life. WE finally have an album that will give US what WE rightfully deserve – immortality. Please never stop being excited about what we’re about to do. I have the tracklist but as you will understand, I can only reveal it closer to the album release date. I know you’re angry at me but I love you and remain dedicated to our cause. God is with us, cheer up!
Ps. I’m dropping a very hot single soon (in a matter of days)! It has a great feature on it. We smash the hoods, burbs, everywhere. Please stay with me. AAH YES!

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1 Comment

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    2017-11-20 at 11:43

    N den ?

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