Pictures | Living the Dream: DJ Fresh Shares Vacation Journey

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Many have dreams, but only a few end up living the dreams they have. One of South Africa’s most respected disc jockeys is one man who is living his dreams.

As a kid of just 10, , who is now over three decades in the South African music scene, had seen the underwater battle scenes in the James Bond flick “Thunderball” and had promised to give himself the same experience “one day.”

That “one day” came for the “Not for Radio” mastermind just recently on his vacation.

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Taking to Twitter, DJ Fresh who last year scoffed at exposure promises, and who had blamed the system for the inferiority complex among black kids, shared some great moments at sea, with a pleasure boat floating beside him.

Source: DJ Fresh/ Twitter
Source: DJ Fresh/ Twitter
Source: DJ Fresh/ Twitter

 “Saw these in #JamesBond #ThunderBall when I was 10! I vowed that “One Day”! Today was the day … a bit underwhelmed coz they have been set up to be timid and not go too deep,” SJ Fresh tweeted, sharing pictures of himself at sea.

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The year has started well for the DJ. If there is a lesson to be drawn here, it is that some dreams can come true. You only have to work on them and remain focused.

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