Papa Penny the Generous: Tsonga Star Spends R13K Monthly on Food Parcels for the Poor in Limpopo

Many know him as a Tsonga musician with a comic side to his personality. Others know him as the muso who stole the show at the roast of AKA earlier this year. And yet others know him simply as the musician with many kids.

There is another part of the musician which many may not have known, though – and this may be the most charming part of him yet: the Tsonga star is also a magnanimous soul with the interest of the Limpopo people at heart.

It has been established that the “Gold Bone” mastermind, who has over 24 children, gives out food parcels every month to 50 persons in Limpopo.

said he spends well over R13k on 50 bags of mielie-meal and other food items for 50 persons in the municipality each month. He made this disclosure to TshisaLIVE, adding that the source of the funds is his salary as a municipal councillor.

He said he noticed there are a lot of poor people in the area and he decided to help them. So he thought up this initiative. But that’s not all. With the massive cold sweeping through the country, is also liaising with local businesses to help those affected.

It seems Limpopo could do with plenty Papa Pennys right now. But where are these Papa Pennys hiding? The people have serious need of you. After all.

Source: News24

Well, what are your thoughts on Papa Penny’s community feeding initiative? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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