“Our Parents Did Not Approve… ” – Distruction Boyz Relive the Early Years

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There is one example where ignoring parental intervention actually paid off. Although their parents did not approve of their lifestyle at first, the duo of Zipho ‘’ Mthembu and Thobani ‘Que’ Mgobhozi (who make up ) has become a stupendous success and part of the major voices in Mzansi’s revolution. Now, of course, their parents think differently.

, who are already lighting up Dezamba with their “It Was All A Dream, grew up together in Kwa Zulu Natal and were actually fated to be friends and probably band members, as their mothers had been friends even before Distruction Boyz were born.

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At the outset, however, it wasn’t easy and their parents who had sent them to good schools were wondering what the Boyz were really up to and if they would actually turn out well.

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Distruction Boyz – Tuesday Morning

It wasn’t easy coming back home in the morning at six or seven from a night away not carrying anything because it wasn’t easy for them to take us to those (good) schools and to still have to provide for us,” said Que in a recent interview with Metro FM.

More than that, back then, they had to do a lot of gigs free, just for the exposure. They wanted their names out there.

In retrospect it is a decision that has long paid off. Now, not only are they known, their parents have come to accept them as musos.

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Distruction Boyz, Frank Casino, Nadia Nakai & Tshego To Perform At Cassper's #FillUpFNBStadium

But we started getting the graft and things started looking up and when they started seeing the amount of work that we are doing – not only for us but for other young people from KZN but for SA as well, they were proud of us because we were touring and representing SA and all that. They started being proud of us and supporting us,” they offered.

Distruction Boyz has since taken up a large chunk of Mzansi’s music success. recently acquired a Vrr-Pha and Que recently became the father of a son. And things are still looking up for Distruction Boyz.



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