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“Our country will rot because men create broken women” Lady Zamar To Sjava



We all speculated when Lady Zamar and shared love between each other and we wondered if they were really a thing or not.

Then, they never really told us they were so we let our rumours do the talking. Our very many questions were answered a few months back when shared a photo of himself and Lady Zamar accompanied by a heart emoji.

That’s when we thought we had a celebrity romance to hold on to but unfortunately, Lady Zamar announced that the pair had broken up in March. Sad, right?

Mind you, the relationship went on for two years (during which they successfully managed to hide it from the public’s eye) before the love birds called it quits.

Now, it seems Lady Zamar is still not over what ever transpired between them. Recent updates on Twitter prove this, as a political tweet from raises a tormenting response from Lady Zamar.
Sjava tweeted;

“The reason why our country izobola and be fucked up it’s because our generation only tweets we don’t come together go out there and take action on ANYTHING!!!!!!”

To which Lady Zamar replied with a counter tweet;

No… the reason our country will go to waste is because most men aren’t willing to stand for anything or do what’s right… Instead they do stuff that make our society rotten and create broken women all around them.”

Lady Zamar has since deleted the tweet but not in time for us to miss out on it. We hope they’re both alright.

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