Ntsiki Mazwai slams ‘mediocre’ radio presenter, Mo Flava

If you’re going to come for one of the most opinionated women in Mzansi, best be ready to handle whatever she dishes your way. After yesterday, we’re sure, radio presenter, Mo Flava would think twice about talking about . That lady can talk.

The SA celeb has never slowed down to say it as it is. Her fans have come to love how real she is and how much she tells things as they are.

On October 6th, she took to her Twitter account to call out the Mzansi radio personality who she called “talentless, mediocre and jealous” of her talent.

Mo Flava

The SA activist also revealed that he’d given ‘favors’ to get to where he is and still can’t handle the platform the ‘favors’ have brought him.

She said

Mo Flava is worse….he has benefited from male privilege for over a decade with his mediocrity……..but still isn’t popular. Imagine getting big platforms and people STILL not interested in your work.”

She went on to state that he keeps dragging her on his show because she’s more powerful than him.

He has always dragged me on his show- bitter cos I’m more powerful than him when he has a platform and I don’t. Just bitter and mediocre – no talent so he is mad at mine.”

It’s hard to tell what the radio man would be thinking when he sees this. We’re guessing, if you’re going to start a fire, you ought to be ready when it rages. Hopefully, we never step on her toes too.


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