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Ntokzin Releases ‘Black Duke’ Album Tracklist




Ntokzin is well on his way to being crowned a king of his craft, and in that same energy he has teased with the tracklist of the upcoming “Black Duke Album.”

This might as well take over the buzz that has been received so far in the anticipation of the “Busiswe” album that the hitmaker announced its postponement as a result of a few challenges to make it right.

It has taken him a lot of grit to stay active on the decks, and last year he was helped massively by De Mthuda, with whom he launched the “Ace Of Spades” Movement.

Back to the present, he is coming in hot on this project with 21 scorching jams, featuring the likes of Sir Trill, Mdu, and others actively playing in the Yanos field.


  1. Ntokzin – Dlala Ntokzin (feat. Sir Trill)
  2. Ntokzin – Pillow Talk (feat. Boohle)
  3. Ntokzin – Ngisize Mdali (feat. Boohle, The Majestiez & Moscow)
  4. Ntokzin – One Day (feat. 2KZA, Moscow, ShotGunFlava)
  5. Ntokzin – Umfazi Wami (feat. X-Mile)
  6. Ntokzin – Manimbona (feat. Just Bheki)
  7. Ntokzin – Khaya Layo (feat. Busi N)
  8. Ntokzin – Steven Seagal (feat. Sir Trill)
  9. Ntokzin – Poppy (feat. ShotGunFlava, El Kaydee, Shavula N & The Majestiez)
  10. Ntokzin – Inombolo (feat. Boohle)
  11. Ntokzin – Ovadoz (feat. aka TRP & Sir Trill)
  12. Ntokzin – Lotto (feat. ShotGunFlava)
  13. Ntokzin – Bana Ba Skolo (feat. Lady Du & Sir Trill)
  14. Ntokzin – Chesa (feat. ShotGunFlava)
  15. Ntokzin – Ngama Bom (feat. Kammu Dee, ShotGunFlava)
  16. Ntokzin – Iypoko (feat. Mr Miagi)
  17. Ntokzin – Better Days (feat. Sir Trill)
  18. Ntokzin – Mli eWrong (feat. Kammu Dee, ShotGunFlava)
  19. Ntokzin – Ngeke Balinge (feat. Shavula N, ShotGunFlava)
  20. Ntokzin – Sthandwa Sami (feat. Sir Trill & Boohle)
  21. Ntokzin – Kanti Yini (feat. Boohle & Ta Skipper)

According to the mastermind, fans are expected to receive this pack of goodness by the 30th of July, 2021.

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1 Comment

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