Ntando Duma Speaks on Abuse and Neglect by Junior De Rocka

Ngiyam’thanda Lona” mastermind , who had an interesting conversation with fans last year over whether or not he has become fat,has been locked in a public tiff with the mother of his child, muso Ntando Duma.

Both Ntando Duma, who Babes Wodumo ha featured on “Jiva Phezkombhede,” and are musicians are musicians and celebrities, an their spat has long gone public, with some celebrities including Pearl Thusi weighing in.

Ntando Duma, who had accused of beating her when she was pregnant, and for failing in his fatherly responsibilities to his daughter thereafter, has gone on a Twitter  rant, accusing of shirking his responsibilities.

I’ll tell you this today.. Not only he has failed his daughter and failed himself as a father but disappointed me cause I BELIEVED in him so much!” she wrote in one of her tweets.

Source: Ntando Duma/ Instagram

In another tweet, she insisted that all she ever needed was Junior De Rocka’s presence in her daughter’s life, and not his love. But that, too, she didn’t get to have.

“…all I ever needed from him was/is his presence in my child’s life. NOT his LOVE BACK or even money. I wanted my baby to grow up knowing who her father is and that honestly just IT. I would even try and take her to visit her family that BUT the ISSUE WOULD BE,” she wrote in another of her tweet.

Source: Junior De Rocka/ Instagram

These tweets have since been taken down. Junior De Rocka and Ntando Duma because, according to her, while she was pregnant, she caught Junior De Rocka in bend with another woman.

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