No beef to squash: Nasty C on sharing Ivyson lap with A-Reece

Even though the world of South African celebrated the recent announcement of to ’s Ivyson Tour line-up, the latter has now said the news shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

The “Strings and Bling” mastermind and The Wrecking Crew General are by all accounts two of the country and by extension the continent’s finest rappers as far as the new school.

In fact, such is the reign and streak of their successes that they are already considered industry royals even at such young years.

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However, with success also comes beef in the business and even though and have never publicly come out in the open to diss each other; fans from both camps have always fanned the embers of discord.

For the 21 year old Durban rapper however, giving the Pitori emcee a share of the spoils of his Ivyson Tour – the holy grail of his platform – is just an indicator there has never been any beef to squash between the duo in the first place.

Nasty C made the clarification in a recent chat with TshisaLIVE, where he highlighted his goals and dreams of re-writing the story and history of SA .

“I just thought it would be really dope to introduce him to my crowd in Durban and at the same time show people that we are both dope.

To show people that – I wouldn’t even say squashed the beef because there was never any beef – just to clarify that to people. I wanted to use my biggest platform, and something I truly value, so that people can see that it’s absolutely genuine.” he noted.

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While acknowledging the insane talents and abilities of his supposed ‘rival,’ Nasty C says it is a no-brainer he chose to share his stage and platform with someone who controls as much power and cult following in other area codes just as he does in his own home city of Durban.’

“I was just thinking about who I should put on. I always try to put on people that are unknown or like slept on. I know he’s know already, but I was just like, in Durban he’s not as big of a deal as he is in Jo’burg or Pretoria where he’s from, obviously.”

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