Ndlovu Youth Choir Thrills Judges At AGT Finale

is seriously making all of South Africa proud. Since the outstanding group appeared on the America’s Got Talent stage earlier this year, the group has thrilled the whole of Mzansi, America and all of the African continent.

We’re all proud to watch each episode of the show because they give us something to smile about each time.

The show’s recent finale had the group dripping hot sauce in a way only an African super choir would. The choir had promised an incredible performance, and that they gave.

Dressed in bright yellow outfits with a touch of African designs, the choir took to the stage and delivered an incredible rendition of Toto‘s Africa. What better song to perform in the show’s finale than one that celebrates the Motherland

Their piercing voices filled the auditorium as always, while the audience watched in awe of Africa. It was truly a sight to behold. Hopefully, they become a million dollars richer in 24 hours. That’s about R14.5 million.

Since joining the contest, the youth choir has tastefully distinguished itself from the rest of the contestants. The choir has delivered beautiful performances that has endeared it to both the live audience and those at home too.

The winner of the show is expected to walk away with $1 million and a residency in Las Vegas. The AGT winner will be announced on Thursday, Sept. 19.

The choir has shared their excitement for the performance on Twitter writing “our hope is that our performance reflected the talent, opportunity and potential of millions of young people. One nation, one continent“.

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