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Nasty C Takes the Shine in Upcoming Zulu Man In Japan Documentary




hits the streets of Tokyo, and the result is the celebration of an icon on the Zulu Man In Japan Documentary expected to be premiered on Netflix this month.

SA is truly proud to have a creative mastermind like whose hard work and tenacity have seen him through the most difficult times of his music.

He not only prides himself a Mzansi act, but he has also been acknowledged and accoladed on the international stage, backing up his claim with steaming features with international stars as well.

The Zulu culture would never die, not with the lyrical hot heat introducing it with every musical delivery, and even lacing it as a brand to his music, as the peak so far remains the “Zulu Man With Some Power” Album

The documentary which would hit the screens from September 25 on Netflix, would see him introduce himself to the city’s culture, sound, and arts in general, as an interesting case of a Zulu man representing the culture overseas.

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