Nasty C support not AKA shade, Tellaman tells suspicious Twitter fan

SA all-rounder, recently found himself in uncomfortable waters and had to defend his support for close pal, ; claiming same was in no way a shade directed at .

It all played out after the newly-signed UMG Music sensation took to social media platform, Twitter, to promote the upcoming “Strings and Bling” album of label mate, .

The two are serial collaborators having worked on several singles together and also expected to have a collaboration on the soon to be premiered project of musical art.

Source: /Twitter

With the anticipated success of the album having been penciled to become one of the finest this campaign, did sound a note of warning to his friend; hoping he doesn’t see copies of plaques stacked up in his garage.

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“We never talk about plaques but if this album gets you one, I pray I don’t see copies stacked up in your garage. All the best brozay 🙏🏾 I love you.” Tweeted.

However, eagle-eyed fans quickly took note at the post; thinking it was a shade directed at the SupaMega since the Beam Group mogul’s “Touch My Blood” album just clinched gold status and had also informed fans he was awaiting his plaque and certification from RiSA.

For those not in the know, had dropped lines about Tellaman’s multi-talent abilities on a record titled “Reset,” off the recently dropped album.

“Is you in the trap? Is you in the house? Or is you on the fence like Tellaman?” AKA had dropped bars to which Tellaman responded as a good sport saying “😂😂 haven’t laughed like this in a while..”

However, Tellaman still needed to clarify the suspicions of fans.

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“Guys calm down. 1. I ain’t been in AKA’s place. 2. You assuming shit. 3. I bought his album. 4. If you know that you bought his album as his fan, why are you worried? 5. I thought his line about me was funny I’m cool with AKA and I’m happy for him,” he Tweeted.

Do you think many of the beef in the world of SA are initiated by fans? Kindly share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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