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Nasty C Says Tall Racks Records is Here to Stay; Rebukes Older Generation for Social Negligence



While the world awaits the official release of his album “Zulu Man With Some Power,” has just aired his views on the older generation, describing the generation as a big fail. And it isn’t a fail of math.

It is a failure of parenting, which has resulted in parents not truly getting to know their children, not truly bonding with them, not truly getting to know them, leaving them to bully others, causing suicidal ideation.

made his opinion known in a series of tweets.           He accused the generation before his of letting their kids bully others and leave them on the brink of suicide. This generation, he said, has adopted the excuse of not being on social media as though unaware the Internet is part of their kids’ lives.

Source: / Instagram

He also accused the older generation of having been lenient with the rod and slack in their duties. Thus their spawns are spoilt and are busy spoiling things for others

By the way, with Nasty C’s album due for release soon, some are beginning to wonderful if he would not push his record label (Tall Racks Records) to focus on promoting the album. Nasty C waved this aside, however, stating that the label, which recently partnered with Red Bull Music, is walking strong

The label is going great and isn’t going anywhere. We are still here, making big moves and committed to it,” he told TshisaLIVE in a recent chat.

Source: Nasty C/ Instagram

Wannabe singers with interest in signing with Tall Racks Records will have to bury the idea, though, as Junior also stated in the same chat that his focus is on “Runaway” mastermind Rowlene, with whom he has been collaboratin on the seris “SMA (Vol. 3).” He isn’t signing another artiste just yet.

Well, what are your thoughts on Nasty C’s comments about the older generation? Is he right? Check out Nasty C’s long rant below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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