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Nasty C reaches out to A-Reece in hopes of making history together




Rivalry is nothing new. In virtual all areas of human interest, we have rivalries. And there is nothing wrong with rivalry per se; most people learn to stay at the top when they face challenges from their peers and others.

The rivalry in the music industry is particularly well pronounced. Music is, after all, show business, and much of whaat transpires in the industry, and among its fine crop of artistes, almost always goes public.

A well-known rivalry in Mzansi is that between Strings and Bling mastermind and the From Me To You & Only You“ hitmaker . However, both almost always deny publicly that they are rivals or have a beef.

Once, in July, when a fan had asked on Twitter why he hadn’t written a diss track at , had replied: “Me & Reece are gravy. wipe your nose wena.

Well, whatever differences they may have, it is clear , who is on his Ivyson our, want it done away with, as he took to Twiter to invite to join him on the tour. He had apparently snet a DM, and then followed it up with a public post, asking others to help him contact .

He tweeted: “Somebody tell A Reese check his DM, I’m tryna get him on the IvysonTour.

He ended with another tweet, which would pass for the clincher: “We can make history.. the right way.”

It was touching indeed. However, A-Reece is yet to reply publicly. We are watching events closely and will update you accordingly.

Stay tuned.

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