Nasty C Premiers His Life’s Journey On Origins Documentary

In the last moments leading up to the release of his “Zulu Man With Some Power” Project, tells it all on his latest documentary “Origins.”

There are many parts to this worldwide sensation, and this documentary simply torchlights an aspect of his early life and journey to fame.

According to the rap star, the project is a deliberate attempt at giving hope to the younger generation, especially those from his hometown Illovu, KZN who are at the verge of giving up as a result of background limitations.

Narrating his struggles of crossing rivers from Ilovo to Fakazi to make msuic, he also highlighted the days of trying to make music with mere headphones, without mics.

His journey to where he currently sits has been marked with a number of challenges, including the aspect of getting blessings from his father to do music.

These various background emotions have been tied to the latest 20 track project, as he also reinforces his brand as a different Zulu form.

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