Nadia Nakai’s Album Out Soon

’s Album Out Soon. Source: / Instagram

star , who flew into the South African music arena last year with the single “Yass Bitch,” has got some ambitious plans drawn up for 2019, one of which is to drop an album.

According to reports, the plan was to have dropped the album last year. But had thought the songs in the album “weak” and had asked her to start afresh. Apparently she did, and something hot is about to leave the fire.

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Nadia Nakai – Bossing Up with Bragga (Episode 1)
Source: / Instagram

Records boss , who signed a deal with Sony Music last year, recently took to Twitter to state that Nadia Nakai will surely release an album this year, even asking to be “cancelled” if the album fail to drop.

If I don’t drop a Nadia Nakai album this year, cancel me, had tweeted.

Nadia Nakai, who recently shared her vaction journey, had taken to social media to ask fans to guess the title of her upcoming album. A guessing fever has gripped Twitter and Instagram devizens, but so far no one has been able to guess the correct titled. This might remain so until the album’s release.

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Nadia Nakai – Bossing Up with Bragga (Episode 3)

We are following events keenly and will certainly bring the album to you here red hot. So stay tuned for updates.


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