Mzansi Divided By Bontle Modiselle’s Dance Moves

Don’t you just love South African Twitter? Nothing, we repeat, nothing gets past it without a reaction. Sometimes it gets a nod, other times users flare up and make it their business all day long.

Radio host and TV personality, Modiselle had her fair share of the social media bullying recently. A recent video was shared showing the pregnant mama dancing to Sho Madjozi’s huge hit, John Cena and of course, it sparked a lot of controversy.

BTW the soon to be mom is pregnant for her boo, Priddy Ugly (with whom she recently started the singing duo, Rick Jade with) as well as a recent delivery of their “D.N.A (Da New Africa) Album.”

After the video was uploaded, Mzansi surely had opinions, and they weren’t so good. The radio goddess was judged for “putting her unborn baby in danger” by dancing.

One Twitter user is reported to have commented calling it an “unborn baby abuse“. She asked if the OAP shouldn’t concentrate on the health of her baby instead of her right to do whatever she wanted with her body.

Of course, the media gal was in no way bothered by what everyone thought. In her opinion, it is her body, and she’ll do whatever she wants with it.

In a post shared on her Twitter account, she said all the negativity had flown past her. According to her, being active is good for her baby, and medical experts seem to concur.

Funny enough, the video sparked a dance challenge, the #BontleChallenge. Later on, many came to the defence of the delectable act siding her opinion on the matter and saying it was good for the baby’s health.


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