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Music Tips: How to get the best out of Twitter




The social media service is a great platform to share your music and engage with fans.

Twitter is a great way for your fans to know about you and what you
are up to. With 140 characters, you can create buzz about your

Are you one of those artistes who only tweets ‘Good morning’, ‘Good
Night’ and shares links of your latest projects with fans? There’s
so much you can do on this social media networking service beyond sharing your music.

You can put up updates about your upcoming projects, shows and other fun stuff. You can also share videos and photos.

Pulse Music presents a few for you to get the best out of Twitter.

1. Profile

Your Twitter name should be consistent with the name you use on
your other social media accounts. Write an interesting bio that’ll
give people a reason to follow you. Include a link to your website
or where people can purchase your music in your profile.

Profile picture and header

You don’t want when people click on your profile picture all they
see is an egg! Put up a picture of yourself and also use a header
photo that identifies with you or your music.


It’s one thing to have a Twitter account, it’s an entirely
different thing to tweet. You might have followers for you to pop
up on their timeline, you need to tweet. Tweet during peak hours.
For you to get more followers and engagement, you need to be
consistent with how often you tweet.

Sharing is caring

We say this all the time, but what sort of
content are you sharing? Tell fans about your music and whatever
subjects you are passionate about. Also share behind the scenes of
your gigs and music creation process. Put out tweets that’ll evoke
some sort of action – a reply, retweet or even a like.

Adekunle Gold recently shared his album artwork and cover via his Twitter account.


Don’t just tweet. Engage with your followers, join
conversations, start a conversation – ask your followers questions,
reply their tweets.

Following the release of the song ‘Mungo Park’ by Mavin singer Korede Bello a couple of months ago, Mavin boss Don Jazzy (who also produced the song)  joined the conversation on Twitter.

6. Build a fanbase

It’s not just about you – as an artiste, it’s about your fans, they are the ones who’ll create a buzz about you, buy your music and show tickets.

Offer your fans exclusives and free tickets to your events. A couple of years ago, Don Jazzy was known to give away airtime to his fans in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom.

Schedule tweets

Ever wonder how it seems like some people are
tweeting 24/7? We’ll they’re actually not. You can schedule your
tweets hours, days and even months ahead of time with Tweetdeck and
Houtsuite. Schedule tweets at peak hour.

Think before you tweet

After composing a tweet, think before you
hit the ‘Tweet’ button. If you have a public profile, be aware that
not just your followers, but everyone on Twitter can see what you
put out.

Use hashtags

Include hashtags in your tweets. If you are releasing
a new project, you van create your own hashtag and encourage your
fans to use it.

Here are some things you should not be doing:

  1. Replying trolls and cyber bullies.

  2. Trolling others.

  3. Paying for followers: You want real legit followers who are
    genuinely interested in you and your music.

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