Moozlie’s Car Cash Was Staged, Here’s Why

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Swipe” mastermind provoked a great fright among South Africans when she was thought to have had an accident while driving and sharing an Instagram Live video with fans.

Even rapper Rouge, her friend and contemporary, was just as worried over the whole show and had  taken to share her worries. “Guys listen has anybody been able to get ahold of @NoMoozlie ???????? I’m so scared! Please let me know If Anyone can reach her???????????? ASAP PLEASE,” she had tweeted.

It ha since emerged that , the “Vatel” mastermind who Nelz had featured on “Japanese Purse” last year, was in fact partnering with @Volkswagen and @DriveDry to promote safe driving in South Africa. Don’t text and drive. Don’t drink and drive.

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Moozlie – Ride Or Die ft. Yung Swiss
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I partnered with @Volkswagen and @DriveDry to make a change in 2019. We don’t want to see another year where thousands of lives are lost on our roads because of drinking & driving,” she said.

Also, in a press statement. She clarified that the intention was not to distress friends, fans or family but to educate all. Part of the statement reads:

Our intention was never to distress any fans, friends or family. For just these few hours for people to pause and think what if this was the reality. I give my all to my fans and I had to do something to get people to sit up and notice. We were willing to risk it all to drive home this critical message. If this saves one life,  then we were successful and I would do it again

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