Moozlie Involved in Auto Crash?

Involved in Auto Crash?. Source: / Instagram

Victory” mastermind Nomuzi Mabena, better known as , who is continuing her run of victory, may have been involved in a car crash while chatting with fans on Instagram Live yesterday Thursday.

She was purported to be driving while speaking in the Instagram Live video. But halfway, the video was cut short abruptly, with those following the video hearing sounds of smashed windscreen.

The video continued indefinitely and then stopped. When nothing was heard of thereafter, some fans became frantic and started asking  her whereabouts and if she was okay.

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Source: Moozlie/ Instagram

That Nomuzi video got me heartaches like she’s my sister , I’m so traumatized I wish I didn’t see it #PrayForNomuzi” tweeted a fan going by the handle @Zenani_Manqele

Another, going bu the handle @Mr_TVMadzhie, tweeted: “I honestly hope Nomuzi is okay, alive and getting help…. That video shook me up for real #PrayForNomuzi

Rapper was not left out of the sympathy  train, as she also took to her Instagram page to ask after Moozlie. ’s tweet reads: “Guys listen has anybody been able to get ahold of @NoMoozlie ???????? I’m so scared! Please let me know If Anyone can reach her???????????? ASAP PLEASE

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However, some Twitter peeps were speculated the whole Instagram video had to do with Arrive Alive, as seen in the screenshots below.

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