Moonchild “will share photos of her bum till people stop being shocked”

Sanelly is on a mission to post photos of her bum “till people stop being shocked” by it. The versatile SA singer whose new music has been absolutely breathtaking, is in the news again for controversial booty photos.

Well, she’s not bothered one bit. She’s never been. She’s the kind of celeb who would do whatever she pleases no matter what people say about her.

The singer whose social media is filled with raunchy photos of herself including enviable shots of her behind is finally defending her decision to share these photos.

Accoding to a recent report by TimesLIVE, the singer has revealed that she wont stop sharing these photos until people get used to it. Not her words exactly but that’s what she meant. Here’s what happened,

The “Newtown Chips” hit maker had shared a video of someone pouring and drinking yoghurt over her behind with the caption “The taste of hazelnut, find your voice and own your drip, boo beams.”

The video sparked negative feedback as followers dragged her for her inappropriate photos. Of course, that didn’t faze her as she shared a tweet later, stating,

Also …I’ll post my bum until u stop being shocked coz … It’s my comfort! I love no clothes so deal with it!”

For as long we’ve known her, she’s been on the wild side and has never been sorry for it. A little while back, she initiated the #MoonchildChallenge which required women to shake their booty on social media. That, of course was met with a lot criticism and not many people participated.

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