Moonchild Sanelly Starts Social Media Challenge But Mzansi Ain’t Feeling It

In as much as Mzansi Twitter users love to have fun and engage in dance challenges, they wouldn’t just jump on any challenge.

Trust us, our Rainbow Nation filters all they do for the right reasons. SA alternative singer, Sanelly got a taste of this when she issued a dance challenge for the ladies. Well, almost everyone didn’t participate.

The singer who recently appeared on the Lion King album curated by Beyoncé is known to show off her body and booty.

The local musician recently announced the #MoonchildChallenge in the wake of the fight against the treatment of women in Mzansi. The new challenge requires women to show off their twerking skills on social media to see who’s the baddest.

Well, as expected, that got a lot of backlash from social media users who bashed the singer for instigating such a trend at a time when women aren’t being treated fairly in the country.

Well, only a handful of women responded to it, leaving a bunch of Twitter pervs hungrier than they were in the beginning.

Social media users have applauded the women who didn’t take part in the challenge saying it is degrading to them.

According to them, the challenge would have rendered all the fight aimed at changing the lives of women in South Africa useless.

Sadly, it’s obvious that the singer isn’t bothered by all the backlash from the failed challenge. Sanelly has been known to always be herself despite criticisms and opinions of other people.

She definitely wouldn’t be fazed by a highly criticized social media challenge.

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