Moonchild Indifferent to People’s Opinion of Her

Rapper stands out as much for her music as for her radicalism and kinky habits. She does things her own way, as it pleases her – from how she dresses to how she makes her hair. People’s opinion of her counts not at all.

On her social media pages and elsewhere has doggedly advertised herself as a female orgasm advocate. Many therefore think her as nothing but a “booty  girl.” But they almost always have a rethink when they meet her in person.

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In a recent chat with TshisaLIVE, she said: “People think that I am just a twerker. A twerker girl. I meet people and they go, ‘I didn’t know you had so much content, so much depth.’ And I’m like ‘Because I don’t have to go around wearing a big banner telling everyone I have brains.”

Moonchild has been in the vanguard of breaking stereotypes and plans to build an adult club for the black community because, as she told Metro FM earlier this year, “I want to make it normal for the black community, because you hardly see black people there… I want to kill the taboo idea of it because it’s actually a very safe space. No one cares about your body shape and you can just walk around in your leotard or whatever you want and just be free. Not be violated

Source: Moonchild/ Instagram

The singer made it clear that she cares not at all what people think about her. She had taken the decision not to care a long time. Concluding her chat with TshisaLIVE, she said: “I chose to not care what people think long ago. It doesn’t pay my bills and it doesn’t make a difference in my life. I can’t lose sleep over idiots.”


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