Mobi Dixon slams violent vandalism by fans after property destruction in Kimberley

Afro playmaker, is not in the best of moods. The “Bhutiza” hitmaker has severely slammed the violent behaviour of fans after they destroyed properties in Kimberley.

He explained that the event unfolded in Kimberley where he was supposed to perform alongside and some other artists.

However, the promoters didn’t fulfil their side of the bargain which meant the event couldn’t hold as the stars refused to mount the stage.

In turn, disastisfied fans went on to wreck havoc on the stage; destroying properties and musical equipments which might not even belong to the promoter.

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This, says is a behaviour that he doesn’t condone and took to social media platform, Twitter, in a series of Tweets to air his displeasure.

“The promoters didn’t deliver however I don’t condone this behavior!”

“This was in Kimberly last night, promoters advertised an event and all artists including myself weren’t paid their balance”

“No flights or accommodation was booked”

“It’s sad because the sound system doesn’t even belong to them and on top of that they didn’t even pay the balance for the sound”

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“I know the people didn’t know all of this but violence and vandalism never solves anything”

“You have now just affected another man’s business and livelihood and crippled his family’s income! NOT COOL!!!”

While some fans agreed with that the violent actions were bad; many queried the rational of his judgement considering their hard-earned money that was lost too.

Whichever way, we believe violence is never the answer and you can as well join the conversion with your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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