Mi Casa’s J’Something Speaks on their Hardest Year Yet and his Focus on 2019

South African music maestro J’Something, a member of the band called , which has given us splendid numbers such as “In Love With You,” “Shine,” “Nana” “Dreamer,” and “Feeling You,” has described 2018 as the hardest year of his life.

In a recent Instagram post, J’Something harped on the difficulties his group experienced last year, but without giving details. But it was really so difficult that, according to him, he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy.

For now, J’Something is focusing on the future, on the lights he sees 2019 bringing with it, and he is giving a shout out to those similarly focused. 2019 is a year of winnings.

Source: J’Something/ Instagram

This year is the year of focus and nurturing for me. Appreciating the things I have, be it the relationships I ALREADY have, my health, my career, my businesses, etc. now I’ve been practicing this habit of mine for the past 5 years > I write down one word that is an energy I feel that I want to see more of within and around me, FOCUS.

“If you wanna join me then please write down a word in the comments of something you wanna see more of in 2019, but please note it’s something that you must chase and work on in order to birth it more,” J’Something wrote in a recent Instagram post.

The year is still young, and there’s time to join J’Something and focusing on your goals for the New Year. Or what do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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