MFR Souls Confirm Their Discharge From Hospital After Ghastly Accident



Just when fans were beginning to voice their worry and concern over the state of health of the duo, have now announced their exit from the hospital from which they were receiving treatment after the ghastly accident which inflicted serious injuries on them.

On their Facebook page, they confirmed; “We would like to thank EVERYONE who kept us in their prayers and all the get well messages. We are glad to announce that we are all out of the hospital and recovering at home. We will be out of action for the remainder of the month as we need to be 100% when we return”.

Just before this announcement, there was another which said: “10 January we drop visuals of our smash hit single #Lalela feat The Squad”.

The Video is directed by Onkaetse Hlongwane, as it also means that the duo would be back in play very soon. While we awaited their return from the hospital, we were treated to several mixes from other Disc Jockeys hoping for their speedy recovery.

Two of such are Dj Young Killer SA’s “MFR Souls ( Healing Tribute)” and Thackzin Dj’s “Speedy Recovery to MFR Souls“. Their “K Smith” with De Mthuda, still leaves memories of how creative they can get.

We can’t say which we enjoyed more, but they both did a great job on the tracks. We also got a dose of them on Mr. West’s “Amapiano JAN 2020”

The prayers and of fans and their music lovers have led them home safely, and we hope for their recovery speedily while they rest at home, so we get to be thrilled by their amazing sounds once again.