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Mellow & Sleazy Release ‘Midnight In Sunnyside EP’ Tracklist




Mellow and Sleazy have dished this teaser as they release the tracklist to the upcoming project “Midnight In Sunnyside EP.”

Finally, they have paid attention to the call of their fans and with that, this project has been birthed as it promises to be a buzzer with its release.

They have kept to their word, with the acts they have decided to feature on this release, talking about the likes of  Madumane, and Nkosanza Daughter.

The project would be sustained with 9 buzzing tracks and a full round of hits that is sure to rock the airwaves for weeks from its release.

It will be a hard time choosing the best tune for this project, but right now, all that can be done is to wait for the main release on the 21st of April 2022.


1. Mellow & Sleazy – Umshini Ka Zuma ft. M.J

2. Mellow & Sleazy – Macashelana ft. M.J, Lemaza & Matute Boy

3. Mellow & Sleazy – Casablanca ft. Madumane, Sizwe Alakine, Mpura Mpura

4. Mellow & Sleazy – Slatlha Matente ft. M.J, BoontleRSA & Azi

5. Mellow & Sleazy – XO ft. Young Stunna

6. Mellow & Sleazy – Bayethe ft. Nkosazana Daughter

7. Mellow & Sleazy – Ba Bize ft. Murumba Pitch, Daliwonga, Visca & Djy Biza

8. Mellow & Sleazy – Kwenzekeni ft. Azi, BoontleRSA & M.J

9. Mellow & Sleazy – Chipi Ke Chipi ft. Justin99

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