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Master KG Causes Controversy With His Real Age




The “Jerusalema” hit producer, has stirred controversy online with his real age as he celebrated his birthday recently.

It all began with a picture on his social media account of him posing with his birthday cake with the caption; I enjoyed Celebrating My 25th Birthday Thank you For the messages World.”

His fans began sending replies about their disbelief on the subject matter of his real age, with some even thinking the House music star has reached his Ruby Jubilee celebration.

Commenting on such speculations he tweeted; “People Are out here saying I look 42 years old lool” before other comments rolled in.

Eventually, he gave in to pressure of the debate for his real age with the tweet; Okay guys I was kidding I’m 35 years old neh batho baka.”

Regardless of his real age, some of his fans decided to rain in the accolades of what he has achieved so far, and the convincing didn’t seem to be finalised.

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