Mampintsha Retires From Music

In a move that has sent shock waves across Mzansi, especially among fans, West Ink Boss has announced his retirement from the music industry.

He made the announcement in a 5-part Instagram video. According to him, he has been contemplating retirement for sometime but only just made a decision on the matter.

Said he: “I’ve been thinking you know looking at the situation and the time I have been in this game and all the hits I’ve given you guys. I can see that people aren’t happy‚ I don’t even mean the fans‚ I mean people I was supposedly close with and such people. It’s not pleasant here anymore.”

Leaving the music scene, according to him, should not be construed to mean giving up. He is just determined to focus on other things which he had been doing on the sides. “I am growing so I was thinking that this year I will release everything I have‚ all my hits but this will be my last year as a musician. Please don’t call this giving up because it isn’t that. This will be last year in music‚ so I can focus on other things which I have been doing on the side.”

Source: /Facebook

is going to release a couple of songs and music videos and then completely quit the scene. He noted that other artistes have sampled his songs “to hell” but when they see him in the street they rarely acknowledge him. But he has been in the industry long enough to take this in his strides.

He concluded his announcement by saying he would be leaving his fans in the hands of long-time crush Babes Wodumo, the Gqom Queen.

I will be leaving you in the hands of queen Babes Wodumo and I know she’ll do right by you. I love you guys very much and I’ll be watching and guarding y’all so if you ever need me to come back‚ just in case you are bored‚ just call me and tell me what you need me to do and I’ll listen.

Leaving the music scene must have been a difficult decision for the “Impoko Mpoko” mastermind. However, he just might resurface on the music scene once again if his fans push for his return.

Source: Babes Wodumo/ Instagram

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