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Makhadzi’s Classic Single ‘Ghanama’ Hits Platinum Status




Makhadzi is currently reeling in her wins as she records another one with the latest platinum status of her track “Ghanama.”

Recall that when the track was in its release phase it gathered the dust as a result of the controversy that trailed the ownership rights.

Right now, Makhadzi is reaping the fruits of her hard work on that track, as the track has brought home the highly coveted platinum status.

As a musician, the moment your tracks hit such wins, you can be sure that you are already on the path towards fame and success.

Such is the case for Makhadzi, who is not giving up without a worthy fight against her counterparts. She has proven her strength in the industry countless times, and this is only one of the rewards she gets to constantly showing up.

Speaking of her recent feats, she was spotted on “Budget” in the company of Prince Benza, just a few weeks ago.

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