Listen to Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo Discuss Going Forward in Joint Interview

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They are one of South Africa’s most controversial couples, in the news most of the time, good or bad. And given their antecedent some peeps would describe them as been too much in love with publicity.

Many would justify this claim by pointing to the viral video of abusing joining soon after on the music video “Khona Iyngane Lay’Ndlini,” which also  featured Afrotainment boss   and CampMasters.

Well, whatever the world may say, it appears and are back together and indifferent to people’s opinion about their reunion. The two, now self-styled as Bonnie and Clyde, recently had a joint interview with Ukhozi FM’s Lady D.

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Source: Babes Wodumo/ Instagram

The conversation with Lady D mostly revolved around their music, going forward. The two, who had sued each other for assault in the heat of the video going viral and condemnations ricocheting on Mampinysha’s head, would not discuss the assault part. They rather offer they are “better” now as a team.

However, Mampintsha offers generously: “We are grateful for the understanding and I just wanna say to them, without saying too much, let us watch our behaviours and treat these women like the valuable people they are.”

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Babes Wodumo would say that they are grateful for the love they receive. She is aware whenever something involving them happens everything literally stops. Now that’s no small attention.

Apparently Bonnie and Clyde are getting all the attention they seek. And Bonnie, who in the same interview identify himself with the clever bunch out there is reinveting his music, having discovered it isn’t getting the love of old.

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