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The Nigerian Music Industry’s Least Controversial Artistes




2016 has been a massively controversial year in the Nigerian music industry. Starting right off on New Year’s day at the Headies, it has been a year of rancour and antagonism.

This year has witnessed just about every form of friction and discord possible. Stage rants and call-outs, family feud, marital breakdowns, baby mama drama, social media rants, accusations of music plagiarism, police arrest and detention on allegations of fraud – the list is endless!

We will be the first to admit that music stars are humans like the rest of us and are not infallible. In fact, they all have their own strengths, weaknesses, shortfalls, and imperfections. They have good days and bad, those days they wish would never end and those ones they breakdown and want to forget in a jiffy.

We also must state that these celebrities are public figures and role models to a lot of teeming and adoring fans. As expected; they are held to a higher standard which differ from the rest of us. The public also have a lot of expectations of them and whenever they falter, it becomes national news for weeks on end.

However, some celebrities do understand the enormity of the expectations the public have of them. They know their responsibilities as role models remains a huge task and have comported themselves with dignity and decorum.

These least controversial artistes deserve our applause and ovation and they are the inspiration behind this list.


Olubankole Wellington more famously known as is an heavyweight on the Nigerian music circuit by all standards.

The (E.M.E) boss has truly paid his dues with such hits as “Ebute Metta” and “Lagos Party” and is one of the most famous exports from Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.

Even though fans give him a lot of stick due to his marital status, which should be none of their business, Banky comports himself with such dignity and decorum and has managed to stay out of any major controversy.

In fact, he was credited with saving the situation when Tunji ‘’ Balogun had the well-publicized mental breakdown which led to the collapse of his marriage with Mavins Records and Roc Nation Super Star, .

2. The Bahd Guy

Folarin Falana popular known as is a Nigerian rapper, actor, comic, singer, barrister and TV Presenter of MTV‘s The Bigger Friday Show.

Even though he might have had a privileged childhood as the son of the famous legal icon and luminary, Femi Falana (SAN), the boss of Bahd Guy Records has managed to keep his head down and his feet off troubled waters.

With the musical chemistry he enjoys with pretty songstress, Simi, many fans have insinuated resolutely the existence of a romantic relationship between the duo. However, they’ve both come out severally to deny such insinuations.

Overall, the winner remains the sweetheart of the industry and the darling of many adoring female fans.

3. Phyno



Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson better known as Phyno is one rapper who has consistently kept it real.

The lyrical craftsman who drops flows in his trademark and native Igbo language get all the rave-reviews and positive accolades on the musical side of things. However, he is not known for controversy, which is like second nature to many rappers in the hip hop industry.

Well, the media was once awash with news of the “Fada Fada” crooner dating Mama Africa, . However, we don’t term this controversial and two consenting adults should be at liberty to date whoever they please. Obago remains without dirt or blemish thus far!


Yemi Eberechi Alade simply known as Yemi Alade is a beloved African sweetheart. No wonder her tag as Mama Africa flourishes whenever her name is mentioned.

Yemi has simply perfected the art of keeping her private life and personal affairs private, while acting as an inspiration and role model for millions of girls all over the continent.

The nominee and Headies winner keeps churning out hits upon hits; yet, she’s managed to stay scandal free.

6. Chidinma



Chidinma Ekile is simply known by her stage name, Chidinma. Miss Kedike is not the one known for controversy. She does her music and appear to be one who’s very homely and grounded.

Sometime ago, a sex tape made the rounds which distractors swore was Chidinma. However, every right thinking person must have been able to discern facts from fiction and agree it wasn’t the pretty and petite songstress in the said video. Therefore, she’s made our list of least controversial artistes.


Olanrewaju Fasasi famously known as is a music legend and icon. He has thoroughly paid his dues and still remains one of the evergreen musicians still keeping it real.

One thing which is very difficult in the industry is remaining in the limelight for such an extended period of time and then manage to stay away from scandals or controversies. Sound Sultan has achieved both!

With his music, Naija Ninja does advocate for the masses, calls out tyrannical governments, passes along vital content, all while entertaining at the same time. Kudos Sultan!

8. Simi



Simisola Ogunleye simply known as Simi captivates the nation with her beauty and talent. She is what many would refer to as the dream-lady of every man.

That is why we are really not surprised a lot of fans invest too much time over her personal affairs. Insinuating she’s dating either Falz or YBNL‘s .

Not the one to court negative press or controversy, Simi has simply shied away from such questions; instead, choosing focus on her musical career, which keeps blossoming.

The “Jamb Question” singer currently remain unblemished and without stain as far as controversy is concerned.


Bukola Elemide more famously known as is recognized the world over for her craft and artistry. This French-born Nigerian artiste has been doing music for a number of years and even all the controversies attached to her name have come from rumours from unscrupulous elements.

She remains an advocate for a number of notable causes for women and for that, women all over the world still look to her for voice, inspiration and courage in the midst of all that is currently wrong with the world we live in.


Adekunle Kosoko more famously refereed to as Adekunle Gold is a royal in real life and the music industry. However, he is a multi-talented artiste who is very grounded even with all of the fame and fortune.

Forget all the Photoshop, the “Sade” crooner is a very reserved and down-to-earth individual. The rumour mills have gone into overdrive with the imaginary love triangle between himself, Simi and Falz. We will only ask – is it their business?

Well, with the “Gold” Album still enjoying positive reviews, we are certain Adekunle Gold is keeping his head down, working hard and attempting to surpass his achievements which started this year with an Headies award on new year day.

Do you think we committed some other artistes who should make the list? Maybe you think some of those on this list shouldn’t even be there? Please, leave your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

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