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When Cassper Calls To Remind AKA Of #FillupFNBStadium


As attempts to make history today, all eyes will also be on one of his fiercest rivals in the game – . This is because even despite their rivalry, had offered to with Cassper.

At the time, some fans had urged the Doc Shebeleza to accept the offer; many others felt it was just a Greek gift on the part of SupaMega, accusing him of only trying to share as well as ride on Cassper‘s glory.

The whole fiasco birthed the social media movement #JustBuyATicketBro…

Now, the question is this, do you think will show up at the to support a Broer like he claimed he wanted to? Do you think the Broer eventually bought the ticket?

Kindly share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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