Lauryn Hill Confirms her Tour of South Africa in February


When South Africans heard that Big Concerts was bringing American rapper and songwriter Lauryn Hill to South Africa, they erupted in raptures and “defaced” twitter with memes.

And then the excitement died down a little. With no word coming from the concert organizers on whether would still make the trip to South Africa, excitement turned to worry, with many asking out loud what was going on.

The worry was based on ’s occasionally missing concerts for which she was booked. But then Big Concerts had come out to assure fans that the American would still make the trip to the rainbow nation.

Source: 2/ Instagram

Those who were still not assured may find assurance in Lauryn Hill having addressed the issue of her coming. She would be coming with Nas, by the way.

I got word that some people were doubtful that Nas and I were coming to Johannesburg to play. From the first day we started putting the tour together, playing (in) Africa was a must. Not only are we coming but we’re coming to establish an important precedent,” she tweeted in the evening of January 29

With all fears allayed, excitement is building up. South Africa cannot wait to see this song queen from the United States. Keep up the excitement, peeps. In just a few days, your musical thirst should be sated.

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