‘The last thing I care about is acting tough’ – Cassper Nyovest on XXXTentacion’s death

With the world of reacting to the shooting death of American rapper, XXXTentacion, Records Boss, has now shared his take on the matter.

With his beef with regarded as one of the fiercest in the world of SA ever, Mufasa has said he’d rather act the coward than losing his life over the game’s rivalry.

The “Thuto” mastermind had recently revealed how fearsome his competition with SupaMega had gotten in an interview while in faraway Ghana.

At the time, he revealed it led to several issues of violence including an incident of guns being pulled. Now, he has taken his time to properly react to the pass of the “SAD!” hitmaker.

took to social media platform, Twitter in a series of Tweets to document his thoughts, having been affected by the news since it broke.

“Xxxtentation’s death has had me sooooo fucked Up since yesterday. I initially heard about him through his beef with Drake stealing his flow. I am a drake fan so I thought I would hate him but fell in love with his music when I heard it. He was such an interesting artist. It’s sad.

There’s a lot to learn from his life and death. For me personally, I need to learn how to avoid people who have less to lose than i do. The envy that rappers have is heavy. Niggas can get you hurt or killed just because they can’t stand your light. It’s pathetic.

I’ve been provoked so many times & niggas have come at me with that street shit so many times. I’ve walked away every single time and I’ve been mocked and been called pussy for it. I am getting money & I am feeding my family. The last thing I care about is acting tough. ??‍♂️

A man who subjects to violence is a man who is deafted. In any situation!!! If the best thing you can come up with is picking up a gun or using your fists, you’ve already lost unless you’re in danger and you’re defending yourself. I can’t respect that. It’s weak!!!” Cassper Tweeted.

His reaction has been met with several reactions from fans but you can also join in the conversation with your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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