L-Tido Speaks on His Friendship With AKA and Cassper Nyovest



Being friends with two public adversaries is like being caught in the middle of a crossfire. Some are able to navigate through the flak without joining the army on either side, and some are not.

16” mastermind is one rapper who is able to navigate through this treacherous terrain and through the flak without being hit and without falling to the temptation to join either side.

The rapper is a friend to both and , two public adversaries. In fact had at one point tried to broker peace between and by initiating a celebrity football march with and on the same team. But Mufasa wasn’t having it. And the match did not hold.

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L-Tido, who has been wooing fans with scorchers such as “No Favors,” featuring , and “Zilele,” featuring , it still friends with the duo and has no apologies for his friendships.

In a recent chat with Absolute Hip Hop, L-Tido explained how he has been able to remain friends with both AKA and Cassper Nyovest: “I don’t get involved with peoples beefs, like I’m friends with Kiernan (AKA) and I’m friends with Cassper and they beefing but when I’m with Kiernan we not discussing Cassper and when I’m with Cassper, so I don’t like to get involved,” he said.

Staying neutral has enabled L-Tido to retain his sense of purpose and put him in a position to co-opt any time two of the finest names in Mzansi’s music universe.