L-Tido gives up hope on possible AKA & Cassper Nyovest friendship



SA Hip Hop sensation, might have played the role of peacemaker between industry titans, and for too long, but he has now giving up hope on the possibility of the two ever becoming friends.

The rapper who recently dropped his highly-successful “16 Album” was a special guest on Trending SA and asides from talking about his music, he also delved into matters concerning the warring factions.

“They don’t have to get along, I guess. I don’t think they will ever get along. Sorry, guys… I just feel like we are at a stage where we’ve all tried to get them together. So, I don’t think it will ever happen. So, it is up to them. I just don’t care any more.” he said.

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When asked who he would invite to his wedding, said both.

“I would invite them both and if they show up, they show up.”

With the duo of Mufasa and the SupaMega featuring on the 13-track project of , he remains one of the industry playmakers who remain friends with both heavyweight stars.

In fact, his attempts at getting and Cassper to squash their beef has been very well documented; even challenging the latter to a 5-aside football tournament; only placing peace with the former as a bet.

In the past month, he also shed more light on his friendship with the “Tito Mboweni” mastermind and “Fela In Versace” hitmaker in an interview with Absolute Hip Hop.

“I don’t get involved with peoples beefs, like I’m friends with Kiernan (AKA) and I’m friends with Cassper and they beefing but when I’m with Kiernan we not discussing Cassper and when I’m with Cassper, so I don’t like to get involved,” he said at the time.

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While ‘never say never’ remains one of our favourite phrases, we also aren’t holding unto much hope AKA and will be squashing their beef anytime soon or ever at all.

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